It looks like a posthumous album from Avicii is on the horizon…

According to close friend and collaborator Aloe Blacc, there are “several” unreleased Avicii songs that have yet to be unleashed.

The Daily Star newspaper quoted the “Wake Me Up” singer in saying, “There are several songs left. I believe the record label is working with his parents and the estate to find a way to bring these unreleased songs to the public.”

Nile Rogers also recently revealed that he and Avicii had recorded “at least” 10 songs together. None of which have seen the light of day. Some of these recordings may actually be crossovers with both artists, but it sounds like there’s enough material for a full album.

Black also remarked on the legend’s passing and a bittersweet silver lining. “Avicii’s death has been a call to a lot of young folks for people to take better care of themselves and surround themselves with people who are looking out for their best interests.”


Source: IOL