Hayden James is a surprising standout artist who consistently releases tracks that end up getting tens of millions of streams. His global hit “Something About You” which racked up 54M plays on Spotify alone, and got an official remix from ODESZA which wound up being one of their break out remixes. Following up another huge single “Just Friends” this past April, Hayden James today releases “Better Together” with Running Touch.

“Better Together” is an impeccably strong dancefloor smash that combines clever lyricism with infectious production. Even listening to this song on repeat as I carry out this review, I’m nowhere close to tiring of it. Even better, I find little idiosyncrasies in the production with each new listen that make me perk my ears up.

Hayden says of the song, “It’s about a relationship where you’re better as a team. That other person is an extension of you; it’s THE RIGHT relationship, not just any. It’s the one that clicks and where you mirror each other… ‘feels a lot like love, love’s a lot like hearts, feels a lot like mine.'”

Listen to “Better Together” below.