Martin Garrix probably had the best time out of everyone at ADE. Not only was he an integral part of the convention, he performed in front of an absolutely massive crowd, put out a brand new EP, and was named the #1 DJ in the world yet again. Not too shabby.

The latest episode of The Martin Garrix Show features his ANIMA show and the process behind the production — how it all came together. Plus, there’s a special behind-the-scenes look at the video clips for his BYLAW EP, which was released during ADE 2018.

One-by-one he released his five-track EP with highly-anticipated collaborations. “Breach” with Blinders, “Waiting for Tomorrow” with Pierce Fulton, and “Latency” with Dyro, as well as two solo tracks, “Access” and “Yottabyte.”

Now that you’ve heard Martin Garrix’s ADE 2018 experience, watch what it was like for the superstar DJ right here…

The Martin Garrix Show


Photo via Tomorrowland