Devault takes a gorgeously produced stride with Stay, his brand new debut EP that fuses trap and future bass in ways you have to hear to believe. His work is easy to obsess over, as Devault’s pours out his endless creativity, which seamlessly flows through eight distinct, incredibly unique expressions.

The title track, “Stay,” featuring Njomza and Bipolar Sunshine opens up the new release with beautifully constructed confidence. The track, which happens to be one of our favorites, is just a preview of the type of emotion about to be felt throughout Stay. Track-by-track, Default reveals his outstanding, one-of-a-kind perspective which has only just begun to blossom.

Devault’s message to fans is simple, “Stay, the EP is out now. 8 songs. 8 stories. 35 minutes of audio. Designed sonically to channel intimacy in perfect sequence. Enjoy.”

The electronic music scene needs more of this.

Devault – Stay


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