Just A Gent has unleashed his cleverly titled http://EP in full. It’s a smart, diverse cocktail of bass-driven music and synthy singalongs that will certainly spice up your usual listening habits. If you listen closely, there’s an entire story to be told behind the music.

The conceptual EP tells of humanoids, as their existence is jeopardized by the fall of the internet. The five characters represented on the artwork each play a vital role in the story of this EP. Their leader, The Gent had led them away from a corrupt system and now they’ve returned to see their home in complete chaos. As you can hear, that sense of disorder is reflected in the music.

“Drowning” is a soft, bittersweet intro that will immediately capture your attention, with the help of Yvng Jalapeño, who has been making his own waves on SoundCloud. The journey goes off with “Space Odyssey,” as Just A Gent portrays a glitchy, untamed world through his music. “Hold” builds on that sound and serves up a crispy, future bass atmosphere.

Next up, “VIBE” drastically switches gears with the voice of T.Soko, a rapper with addictive flow and some real expression. His performance is followed up by “404,” the heaviest bass track on the EP with no vocals to guide the storyline. “Injustice” chimes in at the end to tie a neat bow on top of this hybrid work.

Just A Gent’s exploration through sound is risky, adventurous, and definitely deserves a listen. Experience  http://EP here in full and let us know your thoughts.

Just A Gent – http://EP