Last night’s elections in the US presented important battles in many states for US Senate and House of Representatives on the national level. But on the local and state level, many other hard-fought battles were also being won. One major victory in Michigan, Missouri and Utah  was the legalization marijuana for recreational or medical use.

In both Utah and Missouri, citizens voted to legalize marijuana for medical purposes ― the 31st and 32nd states to approve medical cannabis. In Michigan, voters legalized recreational marijuana, making it the 10th state in the nation and the first state in the Midwest to do so.

“This is yet another historic election for the movement to end marijuana prohibition,“ said Steve Hawkins, executive director of the Marijuana Policy Project, which played a leading role in organizing the Michigan initiative. “Voters have once again sent a message loud and clear that it is time to legalize and regulate marijuana. The victory in Michigan highlights just how widespread support is for marijuana policy reform. This issue does not only enjoy strong support on the coasts but also in the Midwest and all throughout the country.”

The Michigan vote is especially beneficial for festival goers at Electric Forest, one of the state’s and EDM’s biggest festivals of the year. It is still up to Double JJ Resort and Insomniac as private land and private promoter respectively to allow marijuana at the festival, but it’s a step in the right direction nonetheless.

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