Two Tails have unleashed their transcending new Evolution EP — a true must-listen for any music lover that wants to get down and get a little weird.

The duo, consisting of vocalist Ashley Bergquist and producer James Vadner, knows no boundaries when it comes to genre — which is exactly why their sound exists in a world all its own. Two Tails serve up two very different track heard here, “Falling” and “NV,” both with a four on the floor beat that knows no limitations.

“Falling” is certainly the the deeper, more entrancing of the two productions. Ashley’s vocals take flight over a progressive, repetitive design, which sounds like second nature to the duo. Next up, their Dirtybird shows during “NV,” a song that rocks quirky lyrics and a filthy bassline, signature of the label they have worked closely with.

Black Frames steps in to remix “Falling,” topping off the three-track EP with much flair and imagination. It’s a completely different vibe, but progressive house is still alive with this masterful rework. The result is galactic.

Experience the latest from Two Tails here, out now via Nightenjin.

Two Tails – Evolution EP

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