Nicky Romero is back with a brand new track, “Bittersweet,” and this progressive house gem will have his old school fans jumping for joy. The Dutch mega-producer has been putting out a steady string of releases this year, each showcasing a slightly different style from the last. This time Nicky teams up with Swedish duo Trilane, Canadian musician Kokaholla and vocalist Quarterback to produce a clean and uplifting progressive track that sounds like it would be right at home on any top 40 radio station’s drivetime slot.

The song opens with a looping vocal chop playing over a light piano melody, from there Quarterback’s vocals take over. This is definitely a pop-leaning breakup song in terms of the verse. After that, an anthemic sounding synth riff plays over the vocals. From there, the snare comes in and builds into a thoroughly enjoyable progressive house drop, complete with all sorts of bright production flourishes. The second verse comes after that with some guitar synths layered over the original piano melody. After that, a dramatic vocal break leads back into the drop.

Check out Nicky Romero vs. Trilane & Kokaholla “Bittersweet ft. Quarterback” Out now on Protocol!