After dropping mau5ville: Level 1 just four months ago, deadmau5 and mau5trap are back with the new volume of the series. Mau5ville: Level 2 features three new deadmau5 originals, including collaborations with Lights and Mr. Bill. New songs from Gallya and Monstergetdown are included, as well as remixes from each of “GG” and a Chris Lorenzo remix of the Lights collaboration, “Drama Free.”

The 9-track EP is chock full of scintillating house and techno beats as one would expect. “Drama Free” is of particular import as Lights lends her ironically bright voice to a devilishly dark beat. It’s less of a rise-drop-bridge composition as it favors a verse-chorus-verse, but it’s still so addictive.

“10.8” with Mr. Bill is another highly-anticipated collaboration, merging the insane sound design of Mr. Bill with the melody and technical ability of deadmau5 – it’s a match made in heaven. With plenty of 303 synths to go around, it resembles more of an Infected Mushroom track than anything else, though still carries the melodic wonder that only deadmau5 can deliver.

Whereas “10.8” was an exercise in sound design, deadmau5’s final new song on the compilation, “GG,” is a return to form with beautiful trance synths and a hypnotic 138 beat.

Check out the entire mau5ville: Level 2 compilation below!


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