There’s just something about a Spanish rhythm that’s absolutely infectious. Maybe it’s the horns or the acoustic guitar, or maybe it’s the salsa-like rhythm itself which has pervaded so much of the country’s identity. Whatever the case, it’s hard to not fall in love with a track that does it well, and the new “Level Up” by JUMPA with Muntu & Ilira definitely hits the nail on the head.

Of course, when you combine house and Spanish rhythm together, you get something even more irresistible. Then add hip hop vocals? Whoo, boy, simmer down. “Level Up” starts with some delicate horns and guitar before vocals from Muntu and Ilira come in. It adds an almost silky quality to already spicy dish that coats your taste buds and enhances the flavor even further.

And then the drop hits you like an umami bomb, unleashing the full might of the track upon you.

Check out “Level Up” by JUMPA with Muntu & Ilira below!