Austrian producer and DJ MOUNT has recently released his new single ‘Around The World,’ a retake on the 2000 dance tune by ATC. Having worked alongside Noize Generation for its production, we decided to catch up with MOUNT to hear more about the creative process and what else he has coming next.

Thanks for taking the time to speak to us, MOUNT! If you had to describe your musical style for someone who hadn’t heard your stuff before, how would you sum it up?

It’s a mix between melodic deep house with a minimalistic sound aesthetic and an affinity to pop music.

What are some of the most important lessons you’ve learned since you started making music?

There are a lot of days where nothing works out as planned and you just want to quit. Don’t put your head down and keep doing the best you can possibly do and eventually you’ll succeed. I truly believe that every time you overcome these situations, you’ll learn something new and get better and better.

Where did it start for you? Do you remember what first got you into wanting to create music?

When I was eight years old, I saw my father performing on stage with his rock band. Ever since then I wanted to become a rock star, but it only lasted for a DJ/producer career! Haha.

Who or what are you currently really into, music-wise?

‘Bicycle’ by my buddy filous is my favorite jam right now. We have great artists in Austria, I am also a big fan of PALASTIC and illian. Generally speaking, I love to listen to techno and minimal (Stephan Bodzin, Solomon, Andhim) but I also love to listen to classics like Queen, Guns and Roses or Rage Against The Machine.

Your new single with Noize Generation is out now and it’s getting a lot of plays from us! How long did it take to produce?

It only took an hour to come up with the idea for the song, however finishing the song took as 2-3 weeks of hard work. We spend a lot of time focusing on the instrumental and also re-recorded the vocals in a fancy studio. We put a lot of effort into this track, but are really happy how it turned out!

Was it daunting taking on such a popular track and put your own spin on it?

It was a pure pleasure to work on in our own interpretation, it was really a great experience.

How did you first meet Noize Generation? What made you want to produce this track together?

We live in the same city and first met through a mutual friend. We both love to spend day and night in the studio making beats. We did a lot of sessions and I am happy to call him a close friend now.

What do you have next on the horizon?

I have a lot of new material ready and I can’t wait to show it to the world. I am also really looking forward to spending Christmas at home in Tyrol. I already miss the mountains and my friends and family.