It’s easy to say that one of electronic dance music’s most recognized duos across the board is Galantis. From their prominent rise thanks to songs like “Peanut Butter Jelly” and “Runaway (U&I),” to their latest singles such as “Spaceship” featuring Uffie and “Emoji,” the duo continues to dominate with their music festival and tour performances while charting highly with their records.

Recently, I was able to discuss Galantis’s latest productions and creative collaborations with members Christian Karlsson and Linus Eklöw.

With such a stellar discography including a handful of successful hits, what is or are the biggest challenges with making new music?

Eklöw: “Our biggest challenge is and forever will be being able to evolve as artists but still stay true to what Galantis was on day one.  With every new single, we always read comments saying this isn’t like “X” track, but there is no possible way it could be. Every new experience affects our creative output. The music landscape is always evolving and we are as well.”

What would you say are the biggest changes or adjustments in your songwriting process since you guys began working together?

Karlsson: “Writing while being mobile. It’s so rare these days that we actually get to sit in a studio.”

Your latest singles “Satisfied/Mama Look at Me Now” and “Spaceship” have featured newer artwork that have updated the Seafox. Who is the artist(s) behind them and what’s the inspiration behind the change?

Eklöw: “We’re still working with Mat Maitland and his team at Big Active. The Seafox has found some new friends along the way, but she’ll never go away.”

You guys have released a new single called “Emoji”. Describe the process behind the making of the song.

Karlsson: “Emojis are the new language of this decade. Sometimes they are more eloquent and expressive than words.”  

Who is the vocalist on “Emoji” and how would you guys describe it?

Karlsson: “Cathy [Dennis]’s voice could also be the voice of an operating system like Siri or any other sexy robot. [laughs] We felt that since emojis came about in the tech boom, her chilling O.S. voice was the perfect way to represent the lyrics and the meaning behind the song.”

The accompanying music video released with “Emoji” is super cute and involves a heart-shaped character. Who came up with the character and what is it in relation to the heartbroken protagonist of the video?

Eklöw: “‘Emoji’ was our 8th music video with Dano Cerny. The creativity behind our music videos are always a partnership with him. The emoji heart could mean different things to different people but in the most basic sense, whatever it was helped him cope with his heavy heart.”

With your debut record Pharmacy released in 2015 and The Aviary out in 2017, does this mean Galantis is gearing up for an album in 2019?

Eklöw: “We’re always up to somethin’. Lots more music coming.”

What is the biggest focus that as Galantis you guys are gearing for with 2019 almost here?

Karlsson: “This summer was insane. We feel like we circled the globe a million times over. We have a few special headline shows coming up before the end of the year! We just played the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco and will be doing a double header at Aragon in Chicago for New Years Eve on December 30 and 31.”

Check out their latest single “Emoji” and its new music video below. Also make sure to keep an eye out on the upcoming remix package for Emoji dropping December 7th featuring remixes from Mark Villa and BEAUZ.


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