In terms of originality, there are few in the realm of Shimon. With countless years notched on his belt dated back to the very upbringing of drum and bass, Shimon has pioneered the sound in ways not many have since been able to do. From his work in Ram Trilogy to his creation of the monumental AudioPorn Records, there is loads to be said about this exponentially talented producer. More recently, he has teamed up with up and comer Benny L on several releases, each more promising than the last.

Now, as his collaboration “Yeti” with Benny L sits comfortably at #1 on Drum and Bass’s Top 100 on Beatport on the mighty Bassrush Records, we at Your EDM decided to have a word with him about all things drum and bass.

Hey mate! Sick to be having a chat with you. Massive tune! Tell us a bit about how this  monstrous” tune ignited.

Thanks for having me mate. We have done a few tunes together now, Yeti is the 4th I believe, I wouldn’t say we have it super planned out or anything we just have a laugh really, normally Benny comes down to my studio we eat a heinous amount of food and get an idea started that we send back and forth to each other a few times until it’s done, we normally play it out for about a month and fix any issues we might of missed first time around.

It seems that yourself and Benny L have reinvigorated the older 90ʼs/early 2000ʼs raw drum and bass rolling sound. Tell us about your perspective on the future of this sound. My personal opinion is that this is only the beginning of a revival of this classic sound, yet totally modernized. Do you agree?

I totally agree, I think if you look at Europe it’s definitely what is smashing it right now I love the sound, I’m from that era anyway I think it had a flavour that maybe got lost a bit over the years but now with people like Benny it’s being brought back with cutting edge sound design and to be honest I really think that’s what DnB needs right now

Tell us a bit about your relationship with Bassrush. The relationship dates back for quite a while, doesnʼt it?

A really long time, I think I played for them for the first time in the early 2000ʼs They have always been supportive of me I love those guys for that and for the fact that they push DnB in America like they do, when they asked us for a track it was an easy yes.

Who are some of your favorite up and coming artists at the moment? Anyone fans should keep a steady ear to?

There’s a lot of great talent out there it’s hard to pick a few but ones to watch are Traumatize, Gino, Trimer and Nvrsoft. 

What are your top 3 DJ weapons youʼve been rinsing in your sets, and why?

John Holt – Police in Helicopter (Benny L remix) it’s one of the biggest tunes around right now Benny smashed it. Shimon & Trimer – Take Position (ft Pastry Maker) We really caught a vibe with this and it’s been in our sets since the summer. Shimon & Benny L – Yeti, it’s our follow up to Sharks and it’s been a standard in our sets for the last few months, it’s a proper roller that you can mix with anything.

Tell us a bit about your relationship with Benny L. It seems that you guys have a fantastic running synergy going.

I’ve been releasing his music since 2015 and he just keeps getting better and better, it’s been amazing to see him blow up over the last couple of years, he’s such a talented guy and he’s got so much love and enthusiasm for the music it just vibes up everyone around him, We always have a laugh in the studio and never really struggle to get a vibe going, I think the old school new school blend thing seems to work well with us.

Any exciting plans for 2019? It seems as though the year flew by! Let fans in on any exciting plans/news for your label Audioporn. Anything special to look forward to?

The year really did fly by, it’s been a really busy one for us, we are signing off the year with our 10 years of Audioporn compilation, 2019 is already looking crazy we have a night at the legendary Fabric we have loads of shows booked in already and lots of new music to release, all in all life’s pretty good right now.

Lastly, any final words for the fans?

All I can say Is I’m incredibly grateful to anyone that supported the music, I know I’m lucky to still be doing this after all this time, Big up Bassrush hopefully we will see you soon. 

You can grab this monstrous collaboration here.