Sick and tired of the same old bass music? Psyntimental has a newly released treat just for you with their Computer Based Science EP, which dares to be different.

Psyntimental is best absorbed with an open mind, so move forward if you have that intact. Their vast and unapologetically raw soundscape covers a lot of ground, as each of their nine tracks offers up a journey of its own.

One of the EP’s true gems, “!ll Sh!t” with Fendz finds an untamed blend of in-your-face trap and bass. “Tripping Over the Ocean” takes a more melodic approach, presenting a digital anthem to take note of. “Mental Rezistance” with Rezistor creates yet another unique space, approachable on its surface and gnarly to its core. That’s just scratching the surface.

This Michigan-based duo has been making waves in the underground bass music scene for a while now. However, it cannot be guaranteed that they’ll stay underground for long. Just this year, Psyntimental were dubbed the Untz Challenge IX winners by fan vote. The contest brought their musical vision to Electric Forest, Summer Camp, Imagine Festival, Camp Bisco and beyond.

Their brand new Computer Based Science EP marks the dawn of a new era for Psyntimental, as they begin to infiltrate the bass music scene on their own terms. There’s no doubt, we’ll look back on this release years from now and hear the early makings of an act about to blossom into something much bigger than is able to be currently imagined.

Psyntimental – Computer Based Science

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