There isn’t much crossover work done between EDM and industrial music anymore, but it used to be the norm. Calgary, Alberta-based duo Post Death Soundtrack aim to change that with their upcoming album and the proof is in its first single, “Chosen Sons.” With¬† have just released the first single called “Chosen Sons” from their forthcoming album. Said album will be the first for the doom rock duo in over two years. With a fusion of industrial melodies, bass-heavy beats and doom rock vocals and synths in “Chosen Sons” are anything to go by, it’s clear Post Death Soundtrack will be breaking a lot of musical barriers with this album.

Post Death’s vocalist/producer Steve Moore has said that both the lyrics and the tone of the music for “Chosen Sons” are meant not only to be a commentary on political and religious extremist groups like ISIS or the KKK but are really meant to get inside the minds of those who have been radicalized by these groups and made to believe their warped ideals.

In a voice dripping with both channeled fear and irony, Moore speaks from the perspective of these “Chosen Sons”. While the beat and bass are droning and methodical, they have more of a dark, slow hardstyle feel than anything in actual drone.¬† The ambient music and synths are eerie and foreboding, but also channels the fear-turned-anger of the vocals. The effect paints a grim, visceral and zombified picture of the psychology of both the radicalized and the radicalizers.

The upcoming album on which “Chosen Sons” will appear contains a lot of experimentation with music and sound design, so a lot of genre-merging will be likely. It’s really a new style Post Death Soundtrack are exploring, but one which, if pulled off, will appeal to fans of EDM, industrial, doomcore and even hip hop. “Chosen Sons” is an indication that this do will more than pull it off.

“Chosen Sons” is available on Post Death Soundtrack’s Bandcamp and Spotify for streaming and purchase. Be sure to keep an eye on their YouTube channel as well for more videos, and on Bandcamp for the album’s release soon.