AFK & Carbin’s “Boss” is undoubtedly one of the biggest bass tracks of the past twelve months, in large part due to the vocal sample that everyone knows by now: “I’mma die a boss and boy you betta believe that!” If you don’t know it, you probably haven’t been to any bass show in the past year.

At the same time, an interesting trend has been popping up among the bass community. DJs across the board have been throwing lots of psytrance into their sets. It’s hard to trace the origins of the trend in bass music, though an argument can definitely be made for Kayzo, but it’s definitely injected some variety into the genre.

To that effect, A Boy & A Girl have made a crazy and unexpected psytrance remix for “Boss” that has been gaining some major DJ support. It’s not hard to see why, either. Between the recognizable vocal sample and the new spin on a familiar track, fans are sure to go crazy when this drops. Elements of bass still pervade the track while the tempo is kept up and up and up, so it won’t alienate any hardcore fansĀ that much.

This remix is out today! Check it out below.