Electric Forest takes pride in going green and keeping the grounds clean. The organizers, as well as the attendees (for the most part), do an excellent job of this year after year. So, when we saw the “GA Eco-Tent Add-On” feature being introduced in 2019, it definitely caught our attention.

So, what is it? Well, we’ll let them explain: In partnership with Electricology, presenting the GA Eco-Tent, Electric Forest’s most sustainable camping option. Unlike a regular tent the Eco-Tent is made out of high quality wood fiber cardboard, and is fully recyclable after use! The Eco-Tent neighborhood will be adjacent to tent only camping, close to both Main Street and the venue entrance.

In other words, for $200 attendees can camp in a glorified cardboard box. Um, what?

This option might be convenient for out-of-towners flying in or someone who straight up hitchhiked all the way to Forest (hey, I’m sure it has happened more than once). But, $200??? Who has this kind of disposable income to spend on a disposable — sorry, recyclable — shelter? Not to mention: what good will it be if it rains? What kind of insulation does it provide to keep you warm?

Writes Designboom, “The kartent is made entirely out of un-coated and thick cardboard providing a structural strength not found in a standard tent. each tent is designed to host two people with room for storage and has a 3.3-square-meter floor plan with a small back window to keep it fresh. according to their website a kartent ‘will stay dry with some showers for sure’ and ‘will perform similar under heavy conditions as a regular tent would’ for several days.”

Keep in mind this price does not include the price of a GA admission, which starts at $324.75.

Hey, at least we have options. See all the wristband and lodging packages here.

Oh, and if you don’t want to spend $200 on a cardboard box, you can get an actual tent from Dick’s Sporting Goods for $30 right here.


Photo via Electric Forest