With the exceptions of their 2808 EP and collaboration with Zhu, the world hasn’t seen new music from Nero in over three years. Between II Worlds was their last significant release, earning our distinction of #1 album of the year at the time.

Now, right at the end of 2018, Nero is teasing the world with new music in an oh-so-Nero way.

We don’t get more than a flickering screen animated on an old TV, with what sounds like one of those old radar sounds you hear in movies about submarines. And then a date flashes across the screen: 4.12.2018. (Nero are from the UK, so this is December 4, for those who are confused.)

With absolutely zero additional information available, we’re forced to wait. Then again, it’s only four days from now, so it could be worse.

Check out the teaser below.

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