Deadmau5 music videos have changed a lot from the days of “Professional Griefers” and “Ghosts N Stuff.” The last video from the Canadian artist was the strange “Monophobia” with Rob Swire, featuring a drone flyover of his house with odd 3D CGI animations.

Well, that seems to be the new norm for Deadmau5 if we judge by the new music video for his song with Lights, “Drama Free.” The song is already one of our favorite deadmau5 releases in recent memory, and the video just solidifies the strange and quirky nature of the new mau5.

The only really discernible “plot” is a series of tentacles attacking Earth and causing mayhem while a diaper-clad deadmau5 infant fights against evil? Beyond that, it’s an exercise in “how weird can we get” – the answer is pretty damn weird.

Check out the video below!


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