The last time we wrote about WILDLYF was to premiere his “Plain Jane” remix earlier this year. In the time since, the Australian rising star has put out a few more tracks and made a significant name for himself in the bass scene. And as if to book end a fantastic year, he’s got one more track in the chamber and it’s a doozy.

“GOSH” is pure entropy in a sealed container. To say it another way, it has structure, but within that structure is a craziness that struggles to be unleashed at every single moment. At under three minutes, “GOSH” doesn’t putz around and gets to the good stuff pretty soon on. A hefty sub-bass and wild lead synth combine for a singular harmonic experience that should be enough to make your head spin.

Discordant and harsh synths aside, the frenetic track is a dance floor destroyer and liable to get someone in trouble some day… until then, bump it loud. Listen to “GOSH” below.