The warm fuzzies are back for the deep bass lovers as Noisia’s Division imprint wraps up 2018 with the sixth installment of their Partial series, dropping today. If anyone can discover and highlight some of the most innovative sound designers in the still somewhat underground subgenre of halftime, it is of course Noisia. Once again they’ve dug up six more insanely deep tracks from six incredibly clean artists.

As the release is dropping today, we asked Division has released one full exclusive track from the EP for fans to check out the bass before they buy. Klje is hardly an unknown in bass music, having released on Division’s sister label Invisible as well as Hospital, Plasma Audio and even Critical’s binary series. It’s easy to see why. Klje is probably one of the most diverse producers in deep halftime right now, with tracks that range from highly syncopated and experimental to almost drum and bass.

“Morze” is another surprising track from Klje and again shows his diversity as the track opens with what is ostensibly a jazzy hip hop beat. What happens to that beat throughout the track, however, is another story. Though Klje keeps the tempo, a little faster than standard halftime, he winds a number of synths and samples around it while the sub bass creates its own accompanying beat. It essentially takes the place of a snare in a DnB track. There is a snare as well, but it’s meant more to ornament the end of each phrase and it pairs with other jazzy elements like a flute sample and what sounds like a tambourine.

“Morze” It would basically just be a jazzy hip hop track if it weren’t for the sub bass and the sort of intergalactic elements like bleeps and bloops that seem to float around the track at random and ditigal screw-down synths that answer back to the beat. Because of these perfectly placed ambient ornaments, however, it becomes a genius electronic track with chest-thumping deep bass. That said, this track is just aching to be rapped over. Can someone call Coppa?

For those of us whose pulse beats at 174, halftime is a magical deep bass calmative that soothes the soul and while keeping the beats dirty. For anyone who is feeling the pressure of the holidays, Division’s Partial #6 is the perfect way to meditate and jam out at the same time. A wonderful holiday gift from the artists to the bassheads.

Partial #6 just dropped today, December 7 and can be purchased and streamed on multiple platforms by clicking here.