What do you get when you have an album but don’t really want to call it that? A double EP! The new release from Dion TimmerVery Extra EP, is a so-called double EP that “starts by immersing you in a world of euphoria and melody spanning the first 5 tracks. As you reach the back half, Dion turns up the heat and throws down some of his most aggressive new bangers.” Well, I’ll say…

With the exception of “Calling Me,” the first five tracks are all very melodic and light tunes, compared to what you’d expect of Dion given his usual style. As you’d expect, though, the latter five make up for the lightness with some significantly heavier sounds.

The only thing really bothering me about the release is calling it a double EP rather than an album, but I suppose that’s more of a personal issue. The music is great, so who cares! Listen to Very Extra below!


Photo via Rukes.com