At the end of 2017, San Holo dropped an instrumental trip hop EP called The Trip. It was different from his usual work, meant as a sort of bookend to a stellar year and as a treat for fans. This year, San has done it again; although, this time, the circumstances are just a tad different.

Rather than create something from scratch, San Holo has remastered and re-released via bitbird some of the music he created when he first started to produce under the name Casilofi.

“Casilofi is the first electronic project I ever started in terms of producing my own music,” says San. “It really started when I first got my laptop. A new world opened for me when I realized I could record things myself and layer things. I didn’t have to rely on a band, I could just take everything into my own hands. It was just 100% my own creativity that went into it, that really appealed to me.”

All the songs from the Casilofi project are described as being made with “no studios, all laptops, and home recordings” – an environment every bedroom producer should be able to recognize. The new EP, Create, Create, Create, is a look back at San’s true beginnings and where he came from as an artist.

For major fans, it’s likely that this peek into his past will give them a greater appreciation of San’s present. Though, even for the rest of us, Create x3 is still just a wonderful collection of ambient and soft music. Listen below.