As of last night, the New Year’s Eve festivals have officially begun! For starters, Lights All Night in Dallas, Texas featured sets from Diplo, Rezz, Jai Wolf, Kaskade, and 1788-L. And it’s with that final name that we find ourselves with our jaws on the floor, seeing the video below.

We already know that 1788-L and Kayzo have a collaboration in the works, but it seems like the world got its first listen last night in Dallas. The hardcore influence from Kayzo is immediately apparent, playing well against the crunchy synths from 1788-L. It bears resemblance to one of the drops in his official remix of “Era” by RL Grime, but only in BPM. The structure and sound design are completely fresh and the crowd obviously loved it.

Perhaps the best part of the video below is what we don’t know about the track – with only one drop, and it may not even be a finished drop, the mystery of the rest of it is positively tantalizing.

Check out the still-unnamed collaboration below!