G-Rex and Ghastly have unleashed a monster of a bass track today.

“Heretic” by definition is all about nonconformity, which is exactly what G-Rex and Ghastly offer with this dark and mysteriously tinged new collaboration. A fusion of styles and sounds from deep growls to shrill hits are sure to awake your senses. Eerie notes join to build suspense and by the time this song drops, you won’t know what hit you.

G-Rex and Ghastly hail from very different ends of the bass music spectrum, but together they find something all bass heads will agree upon. This collaboration cues a huge year for both artists, in which no sound is off limits.

The meat of the production exists in the low end, so make sure you listen to this bad boy on good speakers if you have them available. Most importantly, brace yourselves.

G-Rex & Ghastly – Heretic