Hardwell‘s follow up to his massive 2013 hit “Apollo” is finally here. Years later, “Being Alive” makes its way to our speakers and the producer’s distinct sound is more epic than ever.

While the treatment is totally different, characteristics of the drops and arrangements are comparative. “Being Alive” rocks a theatrical open, electrifying builds, impactful lyrics and satisfying drops. It has all of the makings of an instant classic, as did “Apollo.”

Sadly, we won’t be seeing Hardwell play this one out on the main stage anytime soon. The song debuted at Tomorrowland 2018 and that will remain one of the only festival settings in which “Being Alive” plays out for some time.

“This new single means a lot to me and I’m super excited that it’s finally out!” Hardwell shares in a post. “What does ‘Being Alive’ mean to you?”

Time to make your own assessment — listen to “Being Alive” right here!

Hardwell – Being Alive


Photo via Rukes.com