Everyone is excited for Coachella after the festival dropped its massive 2019 lineup two days ago. Plus, tickets went on sale today. But, festival organizers have just announced something very exciting: every one.

every one is a new initiative aiming to fight sexual, verbal and physical assault and harassment at Coachella. The every one announcement says it wants to create a safe festival culture for everyone. That means a safer festival for all races, genders, sexual orientations and religions. every one will employ trained ‘Safety Ambassadors’ to help anyone in need, including punishing offenders. Any offenders will be removed from the festival, in addition to possibly facing law enforcement and having their wristband cut.

every one seems like a direct response to last year’s Vogue report about rampant harassment at Coachella, not to mention the #metoo movement. While it appears the Vogue report exaggerated the extent of harassment, Coachella seems to be taking things seriously, even including gender neutral bathrooms and designated safe spaces.

Head over to the Coachella website to read more about every one. Stay safe, and see you at Coachella!


Cover Photo: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Coachella