mau5trap has unleashed its We Are Friends, Vol. 8 compilation and it certainly doesn’t hold back in any sense. Boasting 35 tracks from labelmates and other associated acts, the album offers an array of progressive, techno and electro productions with endless creativity and impeccable sound design.

i_o‘s refreshed take on “Imaginary Friends” puts the complication’s best foot forward. A dark, pulsing beat and exaggerated reverb drives the track into some new, never-before-heard territory. Balanced by the familiar melodies of “Imaginary Friends,” i_o makes this one his own electrifying creation. Remixing deadmau5 is no easy task, but i_o nails it.

Bentley Dean draws on gritty, off-kilter sounds to build intrigue with his contribution. Blending bass-heavy UK vibes and Chicago house influences, “Coagulation” is another standout for us. The track disrupts the perfection heard with many mau5trap productions, making for a nice change of pace.

We’ve barely scratched the surface here. ATTLAS, Dillon Nathaniel, No Mana, EDDIE, Julian Gray, and so many more talents make up We Are Friends, Vol. 8 — and every track deserves a good listen.

mau5trap – We Are Friends, Vol. 8


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