The hype around Skrillex was expected to peak in 2018 with an album and/or tour. Neither happened, though he did start playing more shows toward the end of the year. However, rather than the hype dying or being displaced, it seems that the momentum is being carried over into 2019. As evidenced by his NYE set at Snowta, there’s still plenty to look forward to.

Over the course of his set, Skrillex unleashed holy terror upon the audience in Minnesota, including loads of unreleased goodies. Thankfully for those of us not present, there are people like TO THE RIGHT on YouTube who recorded most, if not all, of his set. Even better, the final uploaded version of the set is just a compilation of all his still-unreleased music.

Pieces like his edit of Dimension’s “UK,” “Face My Fears” and more were captured in stunning quality — though they serve to deliver more anxious anticipation than excitement at this point.

Check out all the music clips from Snowta NYE below.


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