deadmau5 low key just put out a “secret track” that’s really not so secret anymore…

The mau5trap legend teamed up with fellow music producer and Twitch streamer dronehands on this new production. The mystery track entitled “The Horn Of Jericho” is part of October Forever, the new album from dronehands.

In a live stream on Twitch, deadmau5 spilled the info on the collaboration. He says he was quite involved in making “like half” of the track including some of the melody. As you can hear, it’s totally different than what we’ve come to expect from mau5, but it’s a refreshing change of pace.

“The Horn Of Jericho” is available here as a free download — but remember — it’s important to support the artists involved. Especially when the music is as quality as this! Enjoy!

deadmau5 Secret Track – “The Horn Of Jericho”


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