The Black Madonna, just like everyone else, had an amazing time on Holy Ship. So much so that she’s now reflecting on EDM music and the community as a whole.

“I used to hate EDM and I still really don’t care for the music,” she opens up on Twitter. “But… I remember something Carl Cox said about how he was fine with EDM because it’s basically an entry point for young people in dance and how those people will stick around, the implication being tastes change.”

She goes on to describe the various styles of music she experienced while on Holy Ship this year. Over five sets, she played “all the things” she usually plays. But, Holy Ship warmed her up to a world full of other music as well.

“And to reiterate, I heard excellent music on this boat. I also heard EDM and it’s not my thing but I respect the diversity of listeners all sharing ideas and supporting each other and exploring new sounds. Remember that?”

After being given more hugs and kandi than she knew what to do with, it’s safe to say her overall experience was a heartwarming one. She continues on with her relevant thread…

“I will always be most me and most comfortable in a dirty basement or warehouse, but I’m glad I know these people and those hugs made me feel great and these are great kids figuring out who they are in dance music just like us old ravers used to be.”

“Being jaded is lame,” she adds.

This is your warm and fuzzy post for the day. Enjoy!

The Black Madonna On EDM