Sadly, another person has passed away following FOMO Music Festival in Sydney. The outcry for pill testing has intensified in the wake of Alexandra Ross-King’s death.

The 19-year-old was partying with friends in 35-degree (95 Fahrenheit) heat when she was take to the medical tent. Ross-King was then taken to a hospital, but could not be revived.

This is the fifth death that has taken place in NSW over the past four months. The heated debate surrounding pill testing has once again ignited. The young woman’s family has even asked Premier Gladys Berejiklian to please consider.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison spoke out on the issue in saying, “We don’t want to create a permissive culture around drugs in this country. We have to remember these are illegal drugs.”

“I am saying of course all options get considered but ultimately you have to get the balance right on this. This is a state matter and I am not going to complicate that any by offering commentary on which is the best option because they have to make those judgment, but my heart does go out to those parents as Gladys’s heart goes out to those parents as well.”

Berejiklian was also recently quoted in saying, “I want to make sure we reduce deaths and my worry is pill testing could actually have the opposite effect.”

It’s believed that Ross-King died after taking MDMA pills, toxicology report pending. She was just one of 11 taken to the hospital over the weekend.

At FOMO music festival, more than 11,000 people were in attendance. Police reportedly searched 146 people — of which, 54 were found in possession of drugs and three were charged with supply.

NSW Health has issued a warning for MDMA and other party drugs following the outbreak of overdoses.


Source: Radio NZ