Since it was announced that Ultra Music Festival was to take place in Virginia Key in 2019, one of the biggest concerns was transportation to and from the festival. The only road into Virginia Key is Rickenbacker Causeway, a two-lane highway that can’t possibly support the tens of thousands of attendees who would be traveling to the festival each day.

A cease & desist from Rapture Festival toward Ultra inadvertently revealed that Ultra was applying for water taxi permits, but yesterday the festival revealed the full scope of its transportation options.

Two major points regarding the shuttles for Ultra in 2019:

  • They will be FREE
  • They will have restrooms, air-conditioning, and free WiFi

Those two points alone do a lot to put aside worries about transportation. There will be three shuttle hubs around Miami for attendees to hop on and grab a ride, two of which are fairly close to Ultra’s old venue Bayfront Park, in case attendees already reserved hotels and couldn’t change reservations.

At this time, no official mention of water taxis has been made, but it’s more than likely that there will be some sort of water transport to the festival.

The announcement yesterday reminds attendees that there is no parking for General Admission patrons. Whether this means there’s a VIP option for parking on Virginia Key is unclear; we were unable to find any definitive answer on Ultra’s website.

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At #Ultra2019, we will take care of transporting you to our island paradise!From strategic locations around Miami, you…

Posted by Ultra Music Festival on Monday, January 14, 2019


Photo via pikzelz for Ultra