AceMyth and Super Future have conjured up “Black Magic” — a fierce bass track that feels terrifying in all the right ways.

Running with the idea of dark magic or voodoo, these Michigan-made producers exaggerate that theme to the max. Witch cackles and wild cat growls can be heard in the background, as a haunting melody, and ultimately, insane, driving bass take over. Before you know it, they’ve put a spell on you.

Borrowing trends from bass and trap music, AceMyth and Super Future land on their feet with a hybrid that’s entirely new and exciting. “Black Magic” is sure to keep any bass fanatic engaged, with a switch up so insane it should be burned at the stake.

Enough with all the witchcraft talk. This is the kind of track that makes you say — “Oh, SHIT!” — for lack of better phrase. Honestly, that’s what I said when I first heard it, and then proceeded to play it over 10 times in a row.

Listen here and link up with these rising producers below!

AceMyth x Super Future – Black Magic

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