After years of waiting, Kingdom Hearts 3 is finally out everywhere January 29. (It releases January 25 in Asia.) In anticipation of the full game, we also finally get the full version of the Utada Hikaru & Skrillex collaboration “Face My Fears” that was teased in the game trailer last December.

Fans were able to get a good enough taste of the full track from the aforementioned trailer, but nothing really beats a complete Skrillex tune. The complete version more than doubles the version in the trailer, fleshing out the tune with even more future bass goodness.

And aside from all the disappointment that Skrillex hasn’t been putting out much heavy bass music lately, it seems he’s really perfected his new sound. It sounds absolutely brilliant, especially with Hikaru’s inimitable vocals. From the vocal chops to that instantly recognizable snare, Skrillex’s brand is all over this.

You can listen to both the English and Japanese versions of “Face My Fears” on Spotify below, as well as new tracks “Don’t Think Twice” and “Chikai.” Note: only “Face My Fears” is with Skrillex.