Calvin Harris apparently doesn’t appreciate being called by his stage name. Though we all know him by, well, Calvin Harris — his actual name is Adam Wiles and that’s what he prefers. Especially among his close friends and family.

“No one calls me Calvin,” the superstar DJ is quoted in a new report. “It’s horrible and it’s not my name. You might as well be calling me Mr. Blobby.”

We wouldn’t say it’s “horrible,” but alright then…

“At the start of my career people were meeting me for the first time and I let it slide. It was sort of a nickname.”

But, when a girlfriend was calling him by his stage name, he thought it was taken too far…

“I was like, ‘I’m sorry this is ridiculous. You’re speaking to my alter ego.'”

Understandably so. Of course, it’s an easy slip up considering Calvin Harris is a typical sounding name. We know Skrillex isn’t Sonny Moore’s name, just like Marshmello is definitely not the name of the masked sugary treat.

Next time you see Adam, make sure you take it easy on his stage name!


Source: The Scottish Sun | Photo via