November last year, Diplo announced he was working in the studio with John Mayer in a profoundly casual manner. It seems the two have kept up the bromance outside of the studio, if this exchange on Instagram is anything to go by.

It started with Diplo posting a picture to Instagram, shirtless, in a body of water, with some random dudes behind him. “Couldn’t get rid of these dudes behind me so please pretend they are not there and this picture is perfect,” he captioned it.

Mayer jumped in the comments to say: “I can easily photoshop this for you.” With this result:

Once again, Mayer responded in the comments, this time a little more hilariously perturbed: “Wow ok guess you don’t like supporting artists.”

And then the final nail in the coffin:

Hopefully this saga continues up until and well beyond when their collaboration drops, because this is damn enjoyable.