Sorry to break it to you, but Illenium is officially off the market.

It’s no surprise that high profile DJs like to keep their work and private lives separate. But on a trip to Bali this week, Illenium brought along his Instagram model and artist girlfriend, Lara McWhorter, and snapped a cute picture in front of an equally cute elephant.

While a lot of fans were happy for Illenium, others of course had more visceral reactions.

  • I have a lot of questions about the third pic
  • The last pic broke me I can’t handle it
  • I love him so much like sooooooo much it’s like why don’t you give a fan a chance lol like I could be the love of your life here but nooo — I’m happy for him but I’m sad for myself
  • very happy there’s a woman in your life who makes you smile ..even if it’s not me

Though, to really make things mushy, the comment exchange between Lara and Illenium is way too cute.

Lara: r u calling me an elephant?
Illenium: the sight of you makes me ele-faint

Okay, come on.

Scroll right on the pic below to see the cute couple!

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Evolution of happiness when a sadboi meets an elephant.

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getting coal for xmas bc santa saw my instagram

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