Tiësto provides an enthralling big room remix of Niels van Gogh‘s classic dance anthem “Pulverturm” with his latest release, out now.

Tiësto’s remix of “Pulverturm” finds the perfect balance between the original and the 2.0 version. The OG track came out back in 1998 and it was revived in 2007. Now, it’s making waves yet again with this new remix from one of the best in the game.

Tiësto delicately rearranges the production whilst upholding the integrity of the masterpiece by Niels van Gogh. He goes for big room appeal, but keeps the vibe light and dancey. The remix is surely a blast from the past, packing in the nostalgia with a clean, modern finish.

Our only complaint: Tiësto’s take on “Pulverturm” runs a little short. We would love to hear this as a 6 or 7-minute journey, instead of just 3 minutes. As the song ends, we’re left wanting more — but that’s what the repeat button is for.

Listen and compare below.

“Pulverturm” – Tiesto’s Big Room Remix

“Pulverturm” (Original)

“Pulverturm” 2.0


Photo via Rukes.com