New from Dominique Young Unique is the heavy trap anthem “F*ck That Sh*t” – full of attitude and with a massive beat to go along with it.

The track effortlessly blends the line between EDM and hip hop, and creates a true lyrical earworm that you’d be hardpressed to forget within the day. “F*ck that sh*t” is a frequent enough phrase in the general English vernacular, and hearing it with a catchy beat and a wild music video is definitely enough to get it stuck in your head.

Unique leapt to prominence in 2012, when she joined forces with DJ Fresh and Diplo to feature on the UK Top 5 hit single “Earthquake,” and followed that with a Top 20 collaboration with Le Youth, “Dance With Me.” Now in 2019, she’s still making waves.

Check out “F*ck That Sh*t” below!