Avicii is making the news again today for his long-awaited collaboration with Chris Martin, “Heaven” — but we’re hear to tell you that it’s most definitely NOT the final mastered version.

Fans all want to hear “Heaven” in its full form, but the clip uploaded below is far from it. Avicii’s voice serves as an intro, which is a little strange to say the least. Listen closely and you’ll hear cheers in the mix, as if this version of the song was ripped from a mix and amplified in certain areas to sound louder and clearer.

Moral of the story here — anyone waiting on Avicii and Chris Martin’s “Heaven” will simply have to wait. A handful of unfinished versions have surfaced on the internet. However, back in May of last year, we did hear what sounded like a finished, studio recording here (the clip has since been taken down).

According to close friend and collaborator Aloe Blacc, there are “several” unreleased Avicii songs that have yet to be revealed. Only time will tell if those productions will ever see the light of day.

In the meantime, here’s the leak of “Heaven” — which, again is most definitely NOT the final mastered version.

Avicii – “Heaven” with Chris Martin


Photo via Rukes.com