Fortnite is tapping into electronic music in a big way. This Saturday, Epic Games is set to throw an actual Marshmello show inside of the top-selling video game.

Forbes got its hands on the leaked information first, which details a new, in-game event called “Party at Pleasant Park.” According to the leak, the concert is set to take place this Saturday, February 2nd at 2PM ET, so clear your plans for the afternoon if you want to keep it Mello.

As Forbes reports, players will probably be able to see the lights and/or hear the music from anywhere on the map. At Pleasant Park, where the party takes place, respawns are enabled which means players will be able to kill each other during the party and come right back to continue enjoying the festivities.

New animations include a “DJ dancing,” so Marshmello will be getting his groove on. Object leaks show speakers, a full stage, lights and all the trimmings. This should look and feel like a real Marshmello show.

No doubt, “Party at Pleasant Park” is going to be quite a spectacle. With Marshmello being an avid Fortnite player himself, this is the perfect fit.


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