Having already taken the gaming world by storm with their new collaboration, Hikaru Utada and Skrillex introduce the official music video for “Face My Fears.”

As the official opening theme for Kingdom Hearts III, the highly anticipated collaboration has been well received across the world by gamers and fans alike. A music video only brings another level of excitement to the theme song, which has already won over the hearts of millions.

The official music video centers around impressive clips, taken straight out of gameplay. Many adventures await Sora and the gang. Regardless of whether you play the game or not, it’s awesome to take a glimpse into Kingdom Hearts III.

The story of how this collab came to be is pretty remarkable in itself — “Long-time fan originally asked to remix ‘s track, ‘Don’t Think Twice.’ However, owing to the pair’s friendship, this has now developed into a new & original collaboration.”

Skrillex also shared his thoughts via Billboard, “People have a really strong connection to the franchise, so being able to connect to the Kingdom Hearts community, to push those emotional buttons the right way and see the amount of positive reactions was an amazing thing.

Watch here and enjoy “Face My Fears” in a new way!

Hikaru Utada & Skrillex – Face My Fears