When it comes to the DJ scene right now, it’s not hard to see that new, hip, and young producers seem to be popping up all over the world. In the Netherlands, where 23-year-olds Quincy Deira and Thomas van Ginkel are from, the trend is the same. It is in this vein that the two formerly independent artists and friends came together to form the duo¬†2CRE8, and began releasing the kinds of tracks that attract our attention!

With this latest release on Interstellar, “Naughty Boy,” the boys have put out a feel good song that brings some warmth back to us in these chilly months. With its catchy pop melody, and sultry topline, the tune strikes that super elusive balance between classic EDM and mainstream commercial pop. Folding in a tantalizing flute, signature snaps, and a bouncing base line, it brings with it an uplifting energy that is certainly worth a listen!

Out today, check out the track here, and warm your winter blues away!