Rapture Festival is doing everything in its power to stop Ultra Music Festival from happening on Virginia Key on March 29-31. Rapture claims it previously had claim to the island after holding their festival their the past two years; it hit Ultra with a cease & desist in January followed by a full-on lawsuit yesterday.

Ultra responded to the lawsuit, stating, “There is no merit to the recent lawsuit. To claim that Ultra has violated the law is both disappointing and misplaced.” It seems the court agrees.

In a decision handed out today, the court dismissed Rapture’s lawsuit.

“[…] the Complaint fails on its face to plausibly allege any unlawful conspiracy or anticompetitve arrangement between Defendants. Plaintiff relies exclusively on conclusory allegations of conspiracy backed by no factual allegations whatsoever.”

The judge is giving Rapture one chance to amend its original claim or withdraw it completely; if the court has to dismiss the amendment, “it will do so with prejudice.”


Photo via aLIVE Coverage for Ultra