Quackson was named as one of Your EDM’s 40 Artists to Watch in 2019, so we’re intensely happy to premiere his debut release on Dim Mak, the wild and chaotic “Run It.”

Lots of producers in 2018 got their start or rose to greater popularity by trying their hand at midtempo. Much like future bass in 2014 going into 2015, now those same producers are forced to innovate and evolve to stay ahead of the curve while would-be bandwagoners now hop on the trend.

Among those keeping their head above water is Quackson, whose “Run It” out today on Dim Mak is a beautiful example of staying true to your roots while giving fans something new. Deep, ominous vocals pair nicely with the blend of heavy bass, blurring the line between midtempo and dubstep. At over 4 minutes long, the track also has a lot of opportunity to switch gears and surprise you — as I’m sure it will.

“‘Run It’ is the culmination of some of my biggest influences, primarily half-time drum and bass and mid-tempo. I wanted to create a high-energy blend of the two genres with a lot of big synths and gnarly drums. I’m elated this is my first release of the year, and it’ll serve to be an awesome precursor to the wide variety of music I’ve got on the docket for 2019.” – Quackson

From start to finish, Quackson keeps you on your toes. Check out “Run It” below, out now on Dim Mak! The track is available as a free download through the label’s New Noise imprint.