As Naegleria, the last EP Signs out now on Noisia’s Division imprint lights up the bass music charts, many fans are likely reminiscing over all the crazy bass music the French trio have given us over the four short years they’ve been working together. During those four years, Signs did so much to redefine and open people’s minds not only to halftime drum and bass but to new possibilities in the 174 tempo, it’s no wonder their catalog is so vast and they’ve released on so many labels. At Your EDM, we certainly know our favorites: “The Message” on Saturate!, “Negative Contact” on Trendkill, “Bandulu” on Othercide, “Skin Out” on Division, “The Curse” on Neosignal/NEU…and those are all just from the last year. Most of the tracks on Naegleria are also quickly headed to the top of our list.

As does any good thing in life, Signs have decided that they must move on and evolve but we don’t think that this will be the last the music world hears from the trio’s individual members. Since there are so many best-loved Signs tracks, Your EDM asked them to do one more collab and give us Signs’ top five signs tracks. Without further ado and with great appreciation for the work they’ve done, here they are in no particular order:

Clock Out : This one just because it was a special one. The way we made it was nearly in one shot and it has been getting attention from a lot of people ever since.

Diesel: The first halftime beat we ever did and the one that got Noisia in touch with us, starting our collaboration with them and their DIVISION label.

Poison Dart: The sound design we did on this one was next level shit to us by that time, it’s one of our favorite own tunes as we really pushed sound design and work on the stab groove in quite a deep way.

Polymorph. A different one. When we listen to it we almost feel like it’s not by us. This tune tells a story, from beginning to end. We also love the combination of melodic and dance floor elements in the fist part, bringing something weird in the progression as it goes.

Kuru: That opening track from our last EP together as Signs; Naegleria. Once again, the sound design and work on the bass is quite sick and pushed to the extreme, plus we really love the middle breakdown as it switches to a totally different mood and flavor, more epic in a way.

Naegleria is out now on DIVISION. Click here for stream and buy links on multiple platforms.