Most times at shows, you can find me at the bass stage, headbanging to dubstep or throwing up some nasty trap arms. On rare occasions, you can find me at a house show, but the vibe has to be just right for me to truly sink in and lose myself in the sound. Such is the feeling I get when I hear “Lies” from Fish, out now on Bingo Bass.

“Lies” is future house at its best — energetic, fluid, and creative. The vocal is a total earworm, and the drop is insanely addictive. Starting with the vocal loop and drums in the build, it drops into a perfectly synth’d out cacophony of sounds. The beat is precisely what I need to dance like a fool and not give a damn who’s watching, which is exactly what every show should bring out in people.

Check out “Lies” by Fish, out now via Bingo Bass.