We’ve already seen how Marshmello’s Fortnite concert affected his social media and streaming numbers, but that’s all still digital. The more interesting numbers, for some, are how his concert affect real-life ticket sales… thankfully, ticketing platform Songkick was just as curious, and crunched the numbers.

According to their own metrics, interest in Marshmello tickets also experienced a sudden and massive increase following the concert.

Marshmello was the most-visited artist on Songkick after this past weekend’s Fortnite event, doubling the page views of global stars BTS. In comparison to his daily search average over the past year, Songkick saw a 3,000% spike on Marshmello’s page on Saturday. On Sunday, Songkick saw “the largest amount of fans looking for Marshmello tickets ever on the platform.”

Songkick wraps it all up by putting it in perspective, “Marshmello has had more fans looking for tickets on Songkick during the past 4 days than he’s had over the past 3 months combined.”

Clearly, Marshmello’s goal of tapping into a new market has worked. And when you think about it, the reasoning is quite simple: if Marshmello can pull off something like that in just a 10-minute concert in a virtual world, imagine what he can do in real life.

Expect more Marshmello shows going forward to be all-ages… there’s a new demographic in town.


via Songkick | Photo: Drew Ressler for Insomniac Events