It’s no secret that Avicii passed having created countless collaborations that will likely never see the light of day. A purported studio leak of his collaboration with Chris Martin made the rounds almost two weeks ago, and now his collaboration with Mike Posner has surfaced.

Entitled “Change A Thang,” this sounds like pinnacle Avicii. From the piano melody, even to the guitar chords, it just oozes Avicii style and panache. The specific version below surfaced on reddit two days ago; the OP stated that the leak wasn’t “completed/finished,” but it still sounds like studio quality nonetheless.

Posner’s vocals also mesh brilliantly with Avicii’s melodies, but that’s really no surprise. Avicii was a genius in the studio and had the uncanny ability to work with anyone, though he was notably picky about whom.

Check it out below, and join the discussion on Reddit here.


H/T EDM Tunes